GN 120.2


  • Type A: Mounting with countersunk screw
  • Type B: Mounting with adhesive pad

Plastic (Polyamide PA)

black, matt SW

Adhesive pad (only type B)

Scotch-Mount ™ 4026


with polyurethane foam backing

Protective guide plates GN 120.2 are used in connection with door latches, using the principle of friction. They prevent the latch from causing abrasion, for example to corrosion protection layers on a door frame. They additionally prevent unintended opening, as the latches lock into a small recess in their closed position.

If the d2 positioning tabs are not required they can easily be removed with side cutting pliers, for example.

Latches that can be used together with GN 120.2 protective guide plates:

  • Latches, lockable GN 115-L
  • Latches, not lockable GN 115-NL
  • Latches with key GN 115-NL with key
  • Stainless Steel-Hygienic latches  GN 115-VH8
  • Latches with cabinet "U" handle GN 115.7
  • Latches with gripping tray GN 115.10

  • Plastic characteristics 


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