Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish.

Ajustable pin with octagonal slot

Acetal based (POM) technopolymer, black colour.


Polyester based (PBT) technopolymer, black colour, glossy finish, snap-in assembly.

Covers for pin slot

Technopolymer, black colour, matte finish; to be fitted after assembly.

Hinge assembly on frame and door

Pass-through holes for hexagonal head screws, cylindrical head screws with hexagon socket or M5 hexagonal nuts (UNI 5588).

Features and applications

CFO. offset lift-off hinges (ELESA patent) have been designed to adjust possible misalignments between the door and the frame.

They can be mounted on doors which open on the right or on the left side. Each body of the hinge has a slot for fitting the pin: the opposite side can be closed with the supplied cover.

To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines-.

Resistance tests
Parallel planesPerpendicular planesParallel planesPerpendicular planes
Maximum working load
Ea [N]
Maximum working load
Er [N]

The elastic deformation, which occurs on the hinge for values of load exceeding the ones indicated in the table, makes the load at breakage meaningless.

Special executions on request

Screw-covers in different RAL colours.

Assembly instructions

  1. Fit the hinge bodies with octagonal slot on the frame and the other two bodies with cylindrical slot on the door.
  2. Insert the pins with octagonal slot in the two bodies fitted on the frame by matching the indexes engraved on the pin and on the hinge.
  3. Mount the door by matching the hinge bodies on the pins.

Adjustment of the door

In case the door is off line with the frame, the inclination of the door can be adjusted by turning the octagonal slot of the pins clockwise or anticlockwise.

By turning the pin anticlockwise, the distance S increases (+0.5) while by turning the pin clockwise, it decreases (-0.5).


Off line adjustments

The pin has an octagonal slot which allows different positions for the adjustment of off line door (fig. 1-2-3-4). To have the door in line with the frame, it can be necessary to adjust the pins of both hinges.


Adjustment examples

If the door is off line on the bottom side

In order to have the door in line with the frame, turn the pin of hinge 1 anticlockwise by 45° or 90° and the pin of hinge 2 clockwise.

If the door is off line on the top side

In order to have the door in line with the frame, turn the pin of hinge 1 anticlockwise by 45° or 90° and the pin of hinge 2 clockwise.



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