High-resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish.

Rotating pin

AISI 303 stainless steel.

Standard executions

  • CFD-B: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole.
  • CFD-p: nickel-plated brass threaded studs in the wide body, nickel-plated steel threaded studs in the narrow body.
  • CFD-p-B: nickel-plated brass threaded studs and nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole.
  • CFD-B-p: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole and nickel-plated steel threaded studs.
  • CFD-CH-B: pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws and nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole.
  • CFD-CH-p: pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws and nickel-plated steel threaded studs.

Features and applications

The hinge is made up of two bodies with different dimensions (a narrow one and a larger one) and can be assembled for example on structures with thin frame or door.

Rotation angle (approximate value)

Max 205° (-15° and +190° being 0° the condition where the two interconnected surfaces are on the same plane).

Do not exceed the rotation angle limit so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical performance.

To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines-.

DescriptionMaximum working load
Ea [N]
Load at breakage
Ra [N]
Maximum working load
Er [N]
Load at breakage
Rr [N]
Maximum working load
E90 [N]
Load at breakage
R90 [N]
CFD.30 B-M3606907049060500
CFD.30 p-M3x13707504034030390
CFD.30 p-M3x13-B-M3606904034030390
CFD.30 B-M3-p-M3x13606904034030390
CFD.30 CH-3-B-M310083011072070670
CFD.30 CH-3-p-M3x13607305045030350
CFD.40 B-M416017101501340100700
CFD.40 p-M4x18110123014088050730
CFD.40 p-M4x18-B-M4110123014088050700
CFD.40 B-M4-p-M4x18110123014088050700
CFD.40 CH-4-B-M4120162015012201301110
CFD.40 CH-4-p-M4x181501480140820100860
CFD.48 B-M5260244026017001201640
CFD.48 p-M5x17290177024018401101740
CFD.48 p-M5x17-B-M5260177024017001101640
CFD.48 B-M5-p-M5x17260177024017001101640
CFD.48 CH-5-B-M5330253024018902901870
CFD.48 CH-5-p-M5x1715021701201200110970
CFD.66 B-M6450413032025202202250
CFD.66 p-M6x16470326026017002401580
CFD.66 p-M6x16-B-M6450326026017002201580
CFD.66 B-M6-p-M6x16450326026017002201580
CFD.66 CH-6-B-M6430366041026103102830
CFD.66 CH-6-p-M6x16350309028017701801610


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