High-resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. Grey RAL 7040 (C33) only for CFA-SH execution.

Rotating pin

AISI 303 stainless steel.

Standard executions

  • CFA-B: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole.
  • CFA-p: nickel-plated steel threaded studs.
  • CFA-SH: pass-through holes for countersunk head screws.
  • CFA-TI-SH: pass-through holes for countersunk head screws and rear housing to accommodate the head of threaded inserts.
  • CFA-CH: pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws.
  • CFA-B-p: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole and nickel-plated steel threaded studs.
  • CFA-B-SH: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole and pass-through holes for countersunk head screws.
  • CFA-B-CH: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole and pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws.
  • CFA-p-SH: nickel-plated steel threaded studs pass-through holes for countersunk head screws.
  • CFA-p-CH: nickel-plated steel threaded studs and pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws.

Rotation angle (approximate value)

Max 215° (-35° and +180° being 0° the condition where the two interconnected surfaces are on the same plane).

Do not exceed the rotation angle limit so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical performance.

To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines-.

DescriptionMaximum working load
Ea [N]
Load at breakage
Ra [N]
Maximum working load
Er [N]
Load at breakage
Rr [N]
Maximum working load
E90 [N]
Load at breakage
R90 [N]
CFA.40 B-M420020502402220100730
CFA.40 SH-4130208029020302801520
CFA.40 CH-4137180023017601801330
CFA.49 B-M5400377044030701701470
CFA.49 B-M6330325047032501101540
CFA.49 p-M5x14370307036019702001680
CFA.49 SH-5300296031028803202490
CFA.49 CH-5360308031025302501620
CFA.49 B-M5-p-M5x14370307036019702001470
CFA.49 B-M5-SH-5400296028028801701470
CFA.49 B-M5-CH-5360308032025301701470
CFA.49 p-M5x14-SH-5370296028019702001680
CFA.49 p-M5x14-CH-5360307032019702001620
CFA.65 B-M6640457069056702202280
CFA.65 p-M6x18510589046066202203190
CFA.65 SH-6520476072062702404180
CFA.65 CH-6510528049057902603190
CFA.65 B-M6-p-M6x18510457046056702202280
CFA.65 B-M6-SH-6640457069056702202280
CFA.65 B-M6-CH-6510457049056702202280
CFA.65 p-M6x18-SH-6510476046062702203190
CFA.65 p-M6x18-CH-6510528046057902203190
CFA.97 B-M1097076602120179405905210
CFA.97 p-M10x2089059501730161904603690
CFA.97 SH-10111067301230104605104100
CFA.97 CH-10105048602060136705404760
CFA.97 B-M10-p-M10x2089059501730161904603690
CFA.97 B-M10-SH-1097067301230104605104110
CFA.97 B-M10-CH-1097048602060136705404760
CFA.97 p-M10x20-SH-1089059501230104604603690
CFA.97 p-M10x20-CH-1089048601730136704603690

Assembly instructions for CFA-TI-SH

  1. Drill a hole in the door/doorframe with a diameter corresponding to the threaded insert used.
  2. Fix the threaded insert on the door/doorframe with a riveter.
  3. Fit the hinge on the door/doorframe tightening the screw into the threaded insert.

Execution CFK.

False hinge made up of a single body without rotation pin. It can be used for blocking fixed panels, when you want to obtain the same general aesthetical effect.


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