GN 918

Eccentrical cams

radial clamping

GN 918

Eccentrical cams
Eccentrical cams

GN 918

Eccentrical cams
Eccentrical cams


  • Type KV: with ball lever, angular (serration)
  • Type GV: with ball lever, straight (serration)
  • Type SK: with hexagon

Clamping direction

  • Type R: by clockwise rotation (drawn version)
  • Type L: by anti-clockwise rotation


  • blackened
  • Eccentrical cam and washer, case hardened
  • Screw bolt nitrided, Tensile strength class 8.8

Ball knob DIN 319 



black, shiny finish

Eccentrical cams GN 918 allow the rapid and safe clamping and releasing at a relatively large adjustable range and with high clamping force. The cam not only has the advantage that the clamping effect is of the same magnitude over the whole of the clamping surface (i.e. in every angular position), but also that it is self-arresting in every position.

The ball lever is linked with the eccentric cam via a serrated ratchet, allowing the adjustment of the most suitable clamping position or the "readjustment" of the handle.

Screw bolt and washer (see technical instructions) are matched to ensure that the eccentric cam can be easily turned after tightening. Using a washer requires no special requirements in terms of the threaded hole design. This means it can also be mounted on tables using T grooves.


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