Handle with pneumatic valve



Handle with pneumatic valve
Handle with pneumatic valve


Handle with pneumatic valve
Handle with pneumatic valve


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, grey-black colour, matte finish.

Push button

Light-blue technopolymer, glossy finish.


Technopolymer, grey-black colour, matte finish. Supplied assembled, removable by a screwdriver.

Standard executions

Brass bosses, threaded blind hole.

  • EBR-PN-3/2-NO: the pneumatic valve is normally open. The actuation of the button stops the air passage.
  • EBR-PN-3/2-NC: the pneumatic valve is normally closed. The actuation of the button opens the air passage.
  • EBR-PN-5/2: the actuation of the button switches the output channel of the air, between the two available.


The handle is supplied with quick couplings for direct fitting of a tube Ø 4 mm for pneumatics.

The handle allows the direct drive of a single-acting pneumatic actuator (execution 3.2) or double acting (execution 5.2). The force to be applied to the button for the actuation of the drive is independent from the operating pressure.

The handle is already set up with discharge function of the pressure chamber.

EBR-PN handle can be assembled with EBR neutral handle.

Technical features
Operating mediumFiltered air
Operating pressure2 ÷ 10 bar
Operating temperature

-20° ÷ +80°C: dry air

0° ÷ +80°C: lubricated air

Normal rated flow130 Nl/min (6 bar, free exhaust)
Actuation force25 N (independent from the operating pressure)
Nominal diameter air passageØ 2.5 mm

Technical Data

Tensile stress and impact strength: the values F1, F2, L1 and L2 indicated in the table were obtained during breaking tests carried out with the appropriate dynamometric equipment under the test conditions shown in the figure with ambient temperature.


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