NEW Updated HCK Series Column Level Indicators

Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the field of accessories for hydraulic systems by Elesa+Ganter, the range of oil level indicators represent today a point of reference in the market. Among this range of hydraulic accessories is the new column level indicator, HCK series.

The HCK series, in addition to the availability of standard executions, can be customisable thanks to the modularity of the elements that compose these new indicators. There are several material combinations, different standard lengths, along with customisable executions for specific usages which require the use of oils and glycol-based solutions, largely used in cooling systems.

New versions have been added:

  • with MAX temperature electrical sensor HCK-ST;
  • with temperature electrical probe HCK-STL;
  • with MIN level electrical sensor HCK-E;
  • with MIN level electrical sensors and MAX temperature HCK-E-ST; and
  • with MIN level electrical sensor and temperature electrical probe HCK-E-STL.

The HCK-E series includes the SLCK kit for the electrical monitoring of the fluid level.

The engineer can select easily the oil level indicator that best fits their application requirement by selecting:

  • hole center distance;
  • preferred material of nuts, screws and washers.  Zinc-plated steel, AISI 303 stainless steel and AISI 316 stainless steel are on offer;
  • material of packing rings, in either FKM or NBR is available;
  • material of transparent tubular window, available in borosilicate glass or polycarbonate;
  • frontal protection;
  • type of minimum level sensor;
  • type of minimum level electrical contact, NO / NC / SW;
  • type of sensor / temperature probe.

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