MPI-R10-RF Magnetic Measuring System with Data Transmission via Radio Frequency


Elesa+Ganter is always focused on responding with modern solutions to customer applications. None more so than this recent addition to our range of magnetic systems for linear and angular displacement with radio frequency data transmission.

The NEW MPI-R10-RF measuring system connects to an FC-MPI sensor, combined with M-BAND-10 magnetic band. The modularity of the Elesa+Ganter components makes it extremely easy to both assemble and disassemble the device from the panel, thanks to a unique, Elesa patented retaining clip, which does not require any screws. The numerous features on the display allow for easy setting and excellent adaptability to different measuring and cutting machines.

– FC MPI Sensor & M-Band

FC-MPI magnetic sensor is available in different lengths. Its snap-in assembly facilitates easy mounting to the display. The MPI sensor that moves along the M-BAND magnetic band, allows precise alignment and positioning, reducing time and complicated machining procedures.

MPI-R10-RF can communicate via radio frequency (RF) with the UC-RF control unit, constituting a wireless system for the rapid positioning of machine parts or multi-axial measurements.

The MPI sensor does not require the use of expensive cables between the various indicators or the control unit due to its wireless design.

The UC-RF control unit is provided with a standard interface which connects to the PLC, via common bus formats. The unit can exchange information for up to 36 x MPI-R10-RF’s, allowing the user to view the various target positions on each display as well as on the PLC, ensuring complete control of all machine positions.

More information on this Elesa+Ganter standard element can be found on our website here.





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