Explore Innovative Magnet Solutions with Elesa+Ganter's Expanded Retaining Magnet Repertoire


Discover new possibilities with Elesa+Ganter’s enhanced range of magnet systems and raw magnets, designed to elevate your applications. From cutting-edge materials to innovative shapes, our offerings are tailored to provide clever solutions for fastenings, closures, and temporary connections.

One of our standout products is the GN 50.8 retaining magnet. Encased in a durable stainless steel housing, this powerful SmCo magnet is ideal for corrosive environments, boasting a long service life and a temperature resistance of up to 350°C. Its versatility extends to hot surfaces, such as oven doors. Available in diameters ranging from 16 to 32 mm, each size comes equipped with an M6 threaded stud.

Introducing the GN 51.8 magnet system, featuring a neodymium magnet enveloped in an eco-friendly TPE elastomer. This design is perfect for use on sensitive surfaces, making it an excellent choice for applications like attaching protective covers. The central hole, suitable for countersunk screws, ensures a secure connection. The TPE coating enhances static friction, increasing the force required for sliding the magnet, while being temperature resistant up to 80°C.

For environments with aggressive media, consider the GN 52.6 retaining magnet. Its protective rubber contact surface and cylindrical stainless steel housing shield the neodymium magnet from corrosive elements. Meanwhile, the GN 53.1 and GN 53.2 magnets are crafted for standard applications, featuring powerful neodymium magnets embedded in round or rectangular plastic housings, available in four colors.

Designed for easy handling, the GN 53.3 neodymium magnet comes with a plastic handle, available in cone-shaped or flat variants. The flat variant includes an eye for securing the part. Opt for GN 53.4, where the handle is made of nickel-plated steel, optionally coated with eco-friendly TPE to protect sensitive surfaces.

In addition to our functionally optimized magnet systems, Elesa+Ganter offers a range of raw magnets – hard ferrite, neodymium, SmCo, and AlNiCo, available in various shapes and sizes, with or without fastening holes. Members of the GN 55.1 to GN 55.4 and GN 57.1 to GN 57.3 series are easily overmolded, glued, or sewn in, making them suitable for securing cables in applications like wind turbines.

Elevate your projects with Elesa+Ganter’s advanced magnet solutions – where innovation meets practicality for a smarter future.

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