Elesa+Ganter Wins Good Design® Award for Innovative M.2000-SWM


ELESA+GANTER is proud to announce that its M.2000-SWM handles with a monostable switch and LED indicator light have been honoured with the prestigious Good Design® Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. This recognition celebrates the company’s commitment to contemporary design and technical innovation.

The Good Design®, founded in Chicago in 1950, recognises products and industry leaders who have pushed the boundaries of design and manufacturing. It aims to create awareness about contemporary design and honour those who have charted new directions for innovation in the global marketplace.

The award-winning M.2000-SWM series of handles is part of the highly appreciated.

Combining functionality, ergonomics, and modern design, these handles are designed for assembly on machine doors or guards in the industrial sector. They seamlessly integrate multiple functions to provide optimal performance and safety.

Featuring a compact shape and ergonomic oval cross-section, M.2000-SWM offers a secure and comfortable grip, even when the operator is wearing work gloves. The handle incorporates the functions of a component for opening/closing doors or machine guards, a column signal multi-colour light, and a control box with safety contacts. It is available in versions with direct output of the electric cable or standard connector.

This recognition, added to the previous four (Leap Awards in 2022, IF Design Award and ADI Design Index in 2023 and German Design Award this year), further validates the commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions for the customers.

The awards reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving technical needs of its customers.

More information on Elesa+Ganter standard elements can be found on the internet at: www.oceaniaic.com.au



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