DD52R-E-RF Wins German Design Council Award


The DD52R-E-RF wireless system was awarded with a “Special Mention” by the committee of the German Design Award 2023, in the “Excellent Product Design – Industry” category for outstanding design.

This new German Design Award is a renowned competition of the German Design Council. Over the past 10 years of these awards, the contest has earned a prominent position among the most prestigious international design awards, with the aim of rewarding innovative design projects and products. An international committee composed of leading experts from all design disciplines recognised the winners with a high level of expertise in design innovation and a strong focus on the needs of their customers and the market.

Participation in the competition is upon invitation only. Germanys Design Council select candidates from among several European products and services whose characteristics are  exceptional for their general design concept, sustainability, aesthetics, functionality and overall durability.

This award is the result of an ambitious project which the company started based on a market request for a system of wireless electronic position indicators. The project evolving into this final design which is a great addition to the existing range of ELESA+GANTER position indicators. Our indicator customer solutions include mechanical, electronic , gravity, positive drive and now wireless indicators.

The wireless system can manage up to 36 electronic position indicators, connected via radio frequency and an external control unit. Designed for positioning of drive shafts on “smart” machines where frequent format changes are required. The wireless connections minimises set-up times and reduces machine downtime costs when format change are required. This translates into increased plant productivity, resource savings and increased efficiency. Removing the connecting cables reduces environmental impact and is a much less complex system to install. Unique of its kind, it allows you to save time and reduce human errors during set-up.

This new acknowledgment award joins the other awards for industrial design received by products in the ELESA+GANTER range. ELESA+GANTER is committed to serving its customers by listening to new market demands and embracing the pioneering spirit to tackle these technological challenges.

For more information on the DD52R-E-RF radio-frequency position indicators click here, or for the PLC interface control unit click here.



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