GN 331


  • Type T0: without button
  • Type T1: with 1 button
  • Type T2: with 2 buttons

Identification no.

  • Version 1: without emergency stop
  • Version 2: with emergency stop

Tube Ø 30 x 1.5


plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

anodized, natural colour EL

Handle shanks zinc die casting

plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish

Cover caps

(for version without emergency stop)


light grey

Temperature range: -25 °C to 55 °C

Tubular handles GN 331 with power switching function are suitable for unlocking safety tumblers in rotating, detachable or side-sliding safety devices which must be closed in order to safeguard the required operational safety.

By integrating functions such as emergency stop, start, release, reset and LED status display, this tubular handle allows the machine to be monitored and operated directly at the door or gate.

  • Cables with connector GN 330 

  • Load rating information 

The tubular handles have the CE marking, low voltage guideline 06 / 95 / EG--
Emergency stop2 channel, Breaker____logo__331m2__
1st button with 2 LEDChangover contact____logo__331m3__
-LED, red and green____logo__331_SB-12659-0__
2nd buttonMaker____logo__331m5__
Contact termination, Pin configurationPlug M12x1, 12-pole____logo__331m6__
Switching voltage / Switching currentmax. 30 V AC / max. 1.5 A-
Operating voltage (LEDs)24 V DC ± 15 %-
Protection classIP 67-
Button colourfor each button a set of caps is included, in this colours: red, green, blue-
Additional variants as special application--
Emergency stop1 channel____logo__331m7__
Number of buttons >2Breaker____logo__331m9__
Button special withChangeover contact____logo__331m10__
Button with labelling area____logo__331m11__-


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