GN 6311.1

Thrust pads

Steel / Stainless Steel, for grub screws DIN 6332, tommy screws DIN 6304 / DIN 6306

GN 6311.1

Thrust pads

GN 6311.1

Thrust pads


  • Type A: Thrust pad surface plane, without plastic cap
  • Type K: Thrust pad surface plane, with plastic cap
  • Type P: Thrust pad surface with detent, without plastic cap

Thrust pad

  • Steel, blackened
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 NI

Retaining spring

Stainless Steel AISI 301

Plastic cap (Polyacetal POM)

  • natural colour
  • temperature resistant up to 100 °C

Thrust pads GN 6311.1 are used in conjunction with grub screws fitted with thrust point (grub screws DIN 6332 , tommy screws DIN 6304  and DIN 6306  to transmit clamping force. They align themselves on uneven and non-parallel surfaces and thus prevent the rotating force being transmitted to the workpiece.

The plastic cap (type K) prevents damage to delicate workpieces.

The unique shape of the retaining spring permits easy insertion and removal of grub screws into or from the thrust pad.

Thrust pads GN 6311.1 can be used in conjunction with DIN 6332  grub screws as levelling feet.


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