GN 920.1

Wedge clamps

GN 920.1

Wedge clamps
Wedge clamps

GN 920.1

Wedge clamps
Wedge clamps


  • Type GL: smooth clamping surfaces
  • Type GA: with 2 fixing threads for attachment jaws
  • Type RF: ribbed clamping surfaces


  • Wedge surfaces hardened
  • blackened

Socket head cap screw DIN 7984

Tensile strength class 10.9 (1000 N/mm2)

Clamping with the wedge clamps GN 920.1 is achieved via the socket head cap screw and the clamp wedge which cause both clamping jaws to move outward.

When loosening the screw, the clamp wedge is returned via an internal return spring which, in turn, loosens the tension.

Wedge clamps are ideal for multiple clamping operations, but they are also suitable for clamping individual workpieces.

The long hole in the clamp wedge serves to compensate tolerances in the workpiece.

Type GL smooth clamping surfaces (jaw blank for workpiece-specific clamping contours)


Type GA with 2 fixing threads for attachment jaws


Type RF ribbed clamping surfaces



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