GN 103

Trapezoidal Lead Screws

Steel / Stainless Steel, Single- or Multi-Start

GN 103-NI

Trapezoidal Lead Screws
Stainless Steel

GN 103-ST

Trapezoidal Lead Screws

GN 103-NI

Trapezoidal Lead Screws
Stainless Steel

Lead direction

  • RH: Right-hand thread
  • LH: Left-hand thread

Case-hardened steel C15 ST

Stainless steel AISI 304 NI

In connection with trapezoidal lead nuts, trapezoidal lead screws GN 103 convert rotational movements into linear movements. They are used to move parts and transmit forces, such as in mechanical and plant engineering.

The threaded spindles are manufactured using a rolling process, which gives the thread a high level of strength. Depending on the application, either the nut or the threaded spindle moves axially during adjustment.

The thread dimensions of the trapezoidal lead screws comply with DIN 103. Trapezoidal thread drives can be assembled in conjunction with spindle nuts of the same thread size, number of thread starts and lead direction. The ends of the trapezoidal lead screws can be machined individually to accommodate the bearing or drive.

  • Trapezoidal Lead Nuts GN 103.1 (Gunmetal, with Flange)
  • Lead Screw Nuts NSF (Plastic, with Flange)
  • Trapezoidal Lead Nuts GN 103.2 (with Hex)
  • Trapezoidal Lead Nuts GN 103.3 (Cylindrical)


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