Lever latches

Technopolymer knob with lock


Lever latches
Lock with different combinations


Lever latches
Lock with different combinations and master-key


Lever latches
Without lock


Lever latches
Lock with one combination


Lever latches
Lock with different combinations


High-resilience polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer.

Standard executions

  • Lock with stainless steel front plate, movement of the knob at 90°.
  • Two nickel-plated brass keys, removable in two positions at 180° (locked or unlocked position).
  • Opening to the right side (D) or left side (S).
  • Stator and rotor in Zamac.
  • Locking nut in brass.
  • Spring washer in zinc-plated steel.
  • Positioning washer in zinc-plated steel, thickness 1.2 mm to be welded to the metal sheet of the door for thin thickness.
  • Folded closing lever in zinc-plated steel.
  • VC.309: lock with 400 different combinations. Each lock has a key with different combination.
  • VC.309-U: lock with one combination. All locks have the same combination and can be opened with the same key.
  • VC.309-M: lock with 160 different combinations and master-key: each lock has a different combination and relative key. Two master-keys, which open all of them, are supplied for every purchase order.
  • VC.309-SS: without lock. The knob can be used for opening both to the right or to left side.

Accessories on request

Threaded extension to position the closing lever with l=18 mm.


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