Oil level sight glasses

push- fit, polycarbonate up to 100°C


Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses


Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses


Transparent high mechanical resistance polycarbonate. Not suitable for use with oils with additives and solvents. Avoid contact with alcohol or detergents containing alcohol.

Contrast screen

White lacquered aluminium with red level line.

Packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber O-Ring.

Maximum continuous working temperature


Features and applications

The push-fit assembly is guaranteed by optimised ribbings.

Sealing is guaranteed by the O-ring.

HE. oil level indicators push-fit are particularly suitable for assembly on reservoirs with limited pressure.


For use with other fluids with special additives, please contact ELESA Sales Department.

Assembly instructions

Chamfer hole 1x45° and grease slightly the outside surface of the O-ring to make assembly easier.


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