Oil level sight glasses



Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses


Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses


Transparent polyamide based (PA-T) technopolymer. Avoid contact with alcohol or detergents containing alcohol.

Packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber.

ATEX directive compliance

HCFE-EX level indicators series comply with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the European ATEX Directive 2014/34/ EU (explosive atmospheres) for Group II devices, category 2GD.

Indicators have “h” protection mode and can be mounted in devices protected by means of “immersion in liquid (k)”, without lowering their protection degree.

II 2GD Ex h X: is the level indicators identification marked on the HCFE-EX product according to ATEX

II: group of devices / components suitable for use in surface industry except for mines.

2: ATEX category corresponding to "high" protection level

G: explosive atmosphere of flammable gases or vapors.

D: explosive atmosphere of combustible dusts.

Ex: device / component protected against the ignition of explosive atmospheres.

h: protection mode for non-electric devices / components.

X: special conditions and limitation of use (see Instructions for use).

Ambient and/or fluid temperature: -20 ÷ +80 °C

The documentation concerning the conformity of this product to the European Directives above mentioned and the instructions for use are integral parts of the article itself.

Technical data

The tightening torque recommended in the table prevents accidental loosening of the article, in addition to guaranteeing an optimal seal.


For use with other fluids with special additives, please contact ELESA Sales Department.

Accessories on request

Brass nut type GH.- for fitting to reservoirs with wall thickness smaller than 5 mm.


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