Hidden hinges - Introducing Elesa+Ganter GN 7231, GN 7233 and GN 7237 Stainless Steel Multiple-Joint Hinge

Multi-joint hinge

Elesa+Ganter, a trusted name in industrial hardware, introduces the stainless steel multiple-joint hinge range – the GN 7231, GN 7233 and GN 7237 hinges are an innovative solution design and engineered for robustness, security, and space-saving hidden installation.

Key Features of these stainless steel Multiple-Joint Hinges :-

  1. Designed to be hidden from view:

– Internal Installation: The multiple-joint hinges are designed to be installed on the inside of flaps, hatches, and doors, saving exterior space and ensuring a sleek, flush-mounted appearance.

  1. Enhanced Security:

– Vandalism Protection: Internal installation protects the hinges from tampering, enhancing the security of your equipment.

  1. Optimal Accessibility:

GN 7231 – 90º, GN 7233 – 120º and GN 7237 – 180° Opening Angles: These hinges offer a range of opening angles, to provide optimal accessibility for your designed application.

  1. Versatile and Durable:

– Pair Installation: Typically used in pairs (one type L and one type R per opening), the GN 7231, GN 7233 and GN 7237 hinges can be supplemented by additional hinges for handling higher loads for large heavy hatches. Radial loads from 55 – 75 kg/hinge pair is possible. Click here or on the image below to view a video of these multiple-joint hinges in use.

Applications for Multiple-Joint Hinges include:

– In-Floor Hatches: Ensuring smooth operation and hinge points hidden from view to maintain a trip-free area. Wine cellars, storage lofts or basement access hatches.

– Enclosures and Access Panels: Offering durability and flexibility for frequent use without compromising design integrity. Overhead cupboards, machine access doors and cupboards where the door needs to lift up, and over, a flush-mounted surface.

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